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adv3Lite Version 0.3 Now Available
Version 3 of adv3Lite is now available from

This version does not contain any major new features, but rather a number of tweaks and enhancements to existing features and a few bug fixes, as well as a bit of general tidying up. It does, however, contain the first rough draft of the first seven chapters of a tutorial (aimed at new users); while it's not complete, there's probably enough there to make it worthwhile for newcomers to give it a try.

There's one part of the tutorial I'd like a bit of help with, if anyone out there would care to lend a hand. In chapter two there's a set of instructions for setting things up and creating a new project. These work well enough on Windows, but I've no idea if what I've drafted for non-Windows systems actually works (I suspect it may well not, not least because I suspect some paths need to be specified somewhere) and no way to test it. So if anyone with a Mac or Linux machine would like to try it out and let me know how to improve the instructions, that would be a great help.

In the new year I'll post some ideas about what may go into version 0.4.


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