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Adv3Lite version 0.8 now available
The latest version of adv3Lite is now available from Dropbox. The change log may be viewed on line here. In addition to a number of (mostly minor) bug fixes and feature tweaks, the new version features:

  1. Significant enhancements to the message system (and in particular the conjugation of regular verbs in message parameter substitutions).

  2. Additions to the documentation in the form of (a) an index to the Library Manual, (b) the inclusion of the Library Reference Manual (similar to that which comes with adv3) as standard and (c) the addition of a Messages index to the Library Reference Manual (to enable users to look up all the messages defined with DMsg() and BMsg() macros in the library).

  3. The ability to create a new Adv3Lite project directly from Workbench's New Project wizard. Note that this feature requires the latest version of TADS 3, TADS 3.1.3, which has just become available at

— Eric Eve


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